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National Fire Academy

The National Fire Academy (Istituto Superiore Antincendi - ISA), is the
school for officers and managers  of  the National Fire Service (CNVVF).
It is located in Rome,  in the former "Magazzini Generali"   compound,
near Via Ostiense, not far from the Piramide Cestia.

Functions and Objectives

The institutional scope of the ISA is to provide training and lifelong learning for the officers and the managers of the Department of Firefighters, Public Rescue and Civile Defense.
The Institute provides also any other activity aimed at spreading the culture in the specific fields of fire safety, technical rescue and civil protection. Thus, the Institute organizes training and information programs as well as seminars and conferences open to the public with the participation of national and international organizations in the field of security, rescue, against fires.


The Institute hosted the first training course the end of 1994. Since 2002,  after the reorganization of the central offices of the Ministry with the establishment of the Department of Firefighters, Public Rescue and Civile Defense Department, the ISA became an autonomous area in the Central Direction for training of the CNVVF. Since then the Institute is normally engaged in training for entry and regular updating of managers and officers belonging to the technical and administrative  roles of  the CNVVF.
In  addition to the training courses and the qualification for staff of the Department, the Institute organizes courses of the average duration of a week on fire protection, information technologies applied to rescue services and on safety at workplaces.