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The Istituto Superiore Antincendi (hereinafter “National Fire Academy”) is located close to Gaius Cestius Pyramid and the Aurelian Walls, where Via Ostiense begins. It is sited in the area of the former river docks of Rome near the Bridge of Industry.

The area is covered by a series of warehouses built between the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century, designed to host the industrial and commercial activities flourishing at that time in Rome, new capital city of Italy (1870).

The structure, planned by Mr. Tullio Passarelli, opened in 1912. It represents one of the first reinforcedconcrete structures built in Rome. It is a remarkable example for both its dimensions and the peculiar features of its goods transportation system, based on impressive metallic structures. Such structures reached the river Tiber, where food and goods were unloaded from boats and sorted into several warehouses by means of crane wagons and lifting winches. The same facilities were used to load lorries and wagons. The freight wagons used two tracks at the end of the warehouses connected with the Rome-Civitavecchia railway. In 1984 renovation works started to reclaim the whole area and to make the buildings fit to host the Fire College and be the venue of national and international workshops and conferences organised by the Italian National Fire Brigade.