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Sports Activities Office


Address:Scilla Square 2 - 00178 Rome - Capannelle (Italy)
Web: Staff Offices/Sports Activities Office (only for service bases of Fire Department)
Tel./Fax:0039 06 7180704

The coordination, the promotion and the support of the sports activities in the National Fire Force┐s team sports played by foreign staff, are on the 1942 with the creation of the Gymnastic Sports Office, as part of the Directorate General of fire and Rescue Service (D.G.S.A.), with the activities of physical and sports training of the National Fire Corp┐s Staff (C.N.VV.F).           
With the Legislative Decree n░ 996 of 08/12/1970 the Directorate General of Fire and Rescue Service (D.G.S.A.) was called also Directorate General of Civil Protection, Fire and Rescue Service (D.G.P.C.S.A.) and the Gymnastic Sports Office, instead, was called Gymnastic Sports Service.
Then, in 2001, the D.G.P.C.S.A changes his name in Fire-Fighters, Public Rescue and Civil Defence Department; in 2002 two separates offices ware established, in which the tasks of the old Gymnastic Sports Service were shared: the Professional Motor Area formation within the Central Directorate of Training and the Sports Activities Office under the direct support to the Head of Department and Deputy Vicar Head of Department.
The tasks assigned to the last one office are:
-    To process the planning of the competitive sports activities and competitive/youth activities performed by sports groups of the C.N.VV.F. and the amateur sports activities performed by the internal Staff, proposing to the Deputy Vicar Head of Department the targets and the resources to assign to the C.N.VV.F. managers.
-    To direct the C.N.VV.F. official representatives about recognized sports matters.
-    To organize and coordinate the sports events in according to the Provincial Central Fire Stations.
-    To make cure about the relationship with the CONI and the National Sports Federations, with the sports office of the other State Forces and the others nationals and internationals sports organizations.
-    To prepare, for the Department Head or Deputy Vicar Head of Department, activities that grant permits for sports activities to athletes, technicians and sports managers.


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