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The champions in Italian Firefighters Sports Groups

There are a dozens of Champions in Italian sport who are in the ranks of Fire Fighters sports groups, especially into wrestling, weightlifting, rowing and artistic gymnastic in Italy.
For example, the Fire Fighters are the only one to appear into the team championship's rolls of honour about the disciplines of what was called Italian Heavy Athletics Federation that including the Greek-Roman wrestling, the free wrestling and weightlifting later renamed Italian's weightlifting, wrestling, judo and karate Federation and nowadays shared in two different federations: the Italian's Judo, Karate, wrestling and martial arts Federation and the Italian's weightlifting and fitness culture Federation.
In fact, the Fire Fighters sports groups finished first in the Greek-roman wrestling in the 1942 and in 1943 with ROMA team and in 1967 with the Central Fire Fighters schools; furthermore they won the freestyle wrestling in 1943 with TRIESTE team and, in addition, in weightlifting with MILANO team in 1934, 1935, 1942 and 1943.
Among the best players about these disciplines, it is impossible to forget the Carlo Galimberti's success in weightlifting (Milano Fire Fighters team) who - in addition to be Italian champion for 19 consecutive years - was the first Italian fire fighter to win an Olympic gold medal in a mid category of weightlifting 75kg (Paris - 1924) and furthermore two silver medals (Amsterdam - 1928 and Los Angeles - 1932).
He set 5 world records before achieving the last medal, the medal of honour, that was, in the same time, the most prestigious and the most sad medal: he died during his service "while promptly and bravely he was trying his hand at operating, was overcome by a boiler explosion and so badly burned and injured he lost his life, spending all that in the heroic performance of duty".
Recently, we can remember the Anselmo Silvino's success (Teramo Fire Fighters team) who won a bronze medal in the mid weightlifting at the 1971 World Cup and at the 1972 Munich's Olympic Games; the Italian Champion Roberto Vezzani ( Firenze Fire Fighters Team) who finished fifth at the Munich's Olympic Games; and the Olympic Champion Norberto Oberburger who won a gold medal to Los Angeles in 1984 and who concluded his brilliant career with Pordenone Fire Fighters team.
For wrestling we must remember Claudio Pollio ( Napoli Fire Fighters team), the only one Italian Fire Fighters to win the Olympic Gold medal in freestyle wrestling (Moscow - 1980) and Ignazio Fabra (Palermo Fire Fighters team) who was Greek-roman wrestling's World Champion and two times winner of silver medal at Olympic Games in 1952 and 1956, and the Olympic athlete Oscar Verona.
We can remember furthermore Nino Benvenuti who was Olympic Champion in Rome - 1960 in Boxing welterweight 67kg, this discipline is not actually played, Fire Fighters' auxiliary paired with a famous show's star, Giuliano Gemma.
In the artistic gymnastic, whose greatest champions have been fire fighters, it's necessary to underline the Romeo Neri's performance and the roman performance of Pasquale and Giovanni Carminucci, Arrigo Carnoli, Angelo Vicardi and Gianfranco Marzolla to the Olympic Games in 1960, all members of the team that won the Olympic Bronze medal and then this success was repeated by Giovanni Carminucci which won the silver medal in parallel bars. Recently, we can remember the great Jury Chechi, also named The Lord of the rings, coached by Bruno Franceschetti, both Fire Fighters auxiliary and both players of great results at International level, culminating with the realization of Jury Chechi's Olympic Dream, winner of a gold medal at Atlanta 1996.
Into the Rowing, we remember, among the several international and national youth and absolute victories the Olympic athletes like Cesare Rossi, Pietro Freschi, Umberto Bonadč and Paolo Gennari from Piacenza, all renamed "I gazzosini" at the Amsterdam Olympic games in 1928 and then Andrea and Giovanni Sergi, Giovanni Miccoli, Ennio Fermo, Innocenzo Sansone, Mario Specia, Riccardo Dei Rossi and Luca Vascotto, all from Trieste, and also Stefano Lari, Massimo Marconcini from Livorno, Antonio Baldacci from Firenze and Alessandro Corona `s best performance (Ancona Fire Fighters Team).
In quad sculls:
-    World champion in 1990, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 1998;
-    Bronze medal to the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992;
-    4 place to the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996;

And then, in the eight rowers with helmsman, he arrived:
-    4 place to the Sidney Olympic Games in 2000;

Skiing celebrates the great performances of Maurilio De Zolt, Team Leader of Belluno Provincial Command and cross-country skier who won more than twenty Italian winners in 15km, 30km and 50km. In 1985 when he was 35, his nickname was "cricket" and in the Seefeld's World championship he won two silver medals (in cross country skiing relay and on the distance of 50km) and furthermore he won a bronze medal on a distance of 15km. In 1987, when he was 37, he won a gold medal on a distance of 50 km to the Oberstdorf's World Championship and he won a silver medal one year later to the Calgary Winter Games. In 1991, when he was 41 won a bronze medal on a distance of 50km to the Val di Fiemme's World Championship and the year later to the Albetville Olympic Games he won a silver medal. Finally, to the Lillehammer's Olympic Games in 1994, when he was 44 won a gold medal in the cross-country skiing relay 4x10 km.
At last we have to underline the successes of Corrado Herin (Aosta Fire Fighters team) initially in the sport of sled winning a lot of italian winners and two world winners in the '90 years and in addition in the sport of Mountain Bike, in downhill, where he won Italian titles (in 1992, 1995, 1997) and international titles (World Champions and World Cup in 1997).

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