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Joint Sports Activities



At the end of the first world war, the American general ┐Black Jack┐ Pershing had the idea to bring the military sports competition to an international level, and, in Jonville le Pot, he organized the first inter-allied games. In 1945, an other American general Mac Narney established the Allied Force Sport Council which was joined 12 countries. On February 18th,1948 was founded the C.I.S.M. (International Military Sports Council) thanks to the initiative of 5 countries as Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxemburg and Netherland which the aim to conclude permanent relationship among the armed forces of all the world in the sports and in the physical education.

The saying chosen was ┐Friendship through sport┐ and it explains the purpose of this council: to give at the armed force, with the sport, only a competitive rivalry. In the 1949 Italy became part of C.I.S.M. also after the addiction of Sweden and Turkey to the five founding nations. Currently C.I.S.M. works in two directions: on the one hand it works with sport competitions and on the other hand it works with solidarity and support programs.
The Supreme Authority of C.I.S.M. is the General Assembly in which are represented all member countries. It meets annually to set guidelines, and every four years it elects an Executive Committee headed up by a President. Since 1998 (and up to 2010) the General Assembly has chosen the Brigadier General G.d.f. Gianni Gola as President of C.I.S.M. for personal merits and for the undertaking of Italy to spread the ideals of C.I.S.M.
The permanent administrative body is the General Secretary which base is in Bruxelles. The activity of each sport is provided by a Technical Committee.
The spread of sports techniques and science is also responsibility of C.I.S.M. For this purpose was created special organizations such as the academy of C.I.S.M. at short-time replaced by the Scientific Sport Center whose duties are to organize seminars and workshops that provide documentations (brochures, technical, movies, etc.) for the sports promotion in the Armed Forces.
The C.I.S.M. is the only International Military Multi-Sportive organization which counts 131 members where we can recognize about 40 million people in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. In September 1995, 50 years after the Second World War and on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary oh establishment of the United Nations, the C.I.S.M. managed to organize in Rome the First World Military Games, that was the most awaited and important event in its history.
In one great event were played the championship of 17 different sports and about 7000 people from 87 different countries were involved. The idea of the Military World Games was born during the Symposium, organized by the Guardia di Finanza in Ostia in 1993, where the C.I.S.M. executive summit and the representatives of almost all member countries took part. Four years later, Zagreb hosted the second edition of what is becoming a landmark of world sport. The city┐s nomination was made during the European General Meeting in Ostia in November 1997. The event took place from 8th to 17th of August in 1999. 70 countries clashed in the 24 championships provided for the official program, keeping faith with to that motto that for over 50 years continues to be the beacon of C.I.S.M. work.


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