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National Fire Fighters Clay Pigeon Shooting Representative


Scudetto della Rappresentativa nazionale di tiro a voloThe National Fire Fighters Clay Pigeon Shooting Representative was born between 1991 and 1992, from an idea of a lot of National Corp Team Staff who likes the Clay Pigeon Shooting led by Eng. Bruno Nicolella ex Provincial Command of Taranto and the actual Regional Fire Fighters Director of Piemonte.
The opening difficulties were many but then, in less then an year, there were the official recognitions by the ex General Directorate of Fire Service and of Civil Protection, and by the Italian Clay Pigeon Shooting Federation, recently presided over by the young Luciano Rossi.
During the time, the joining of many colleagues came from all Italian Commands and National Clay Pigeon Shooting starts to develop like a real team, with the first uniform for the competition and the first encouraging supports (credits, sports permissions and use of service cehicles).
Today the National Fire Fighters Clay Pigeon Shooting Representative, with base in Ragusa, is a consolidate reality, with a President and a Directive Committee and its activity in the federal competition and in the Joint Championship has the purpose of giving the best to carry the colours red and white, of the National Fire Fighters on the top step of the podium. Also, each year, there is the event of the National Fire Fighters Championship which involve always more the staff.

With the new order of the National Corp the prospect to engage professional athletes become real. This is a procedure that the other National Corps doing from long time. The Champions then puts on the Fire Fighters Uniform. This possibility, which keep alive new success expectations for the representative, certainly will not be overlooked, but there will be always the historic aim of seeing  Fire Fighters to be Champions, and not just Champions to be Fire Fighters.
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