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A Data Management System For usar Operations

Prometheus System is the main output of Prometheus Project, co-funded by the European Commission, DG ECHO, Union Civil Protection Mechanism that started in February 2020 and ended in February 2022.

Prometheus enhances two other DG ECHO funded projects led by the CNVVF: EASeR to overcome "Barrier Effects" ( and belice ( to propose parameters for ASR1.

The strategic consortium is led by the CNVVF, National Fire and Rescue Service Italy and is composed by:

  • ericam, Emergency and Immediate Response of Madrid Community Spain;
  • EcASC, Ècole d'Application de Sécurité Civile, France;
  • ICPD, Italian Civil Protection Department (National Civil Protection Authority).

The project stemmed from operational needs coming from real emergencies and exercises carried out in the frame of Urban Search and Rescue (usar) operations.

During a usar emergency operation (i.e. earthquakes) the usar Coordination Cell (UCC) performs its task relying mainly on data provided by the teams from the affected sites.

The quality and quantity of these data, their sources and their destination may vary according to the type of emergency, the national disaster management system and the deployed resources.

It is of key relevance to manage and merge data timely and effectively to make them available for the support in rescue operations.

Prometheus is an innovative data management system that has been developed from 0 to alpha version by the CNVVF own resources and improved with EU funds.

It complements, integrates and enhances some areas that remain uncovered by the currently used data management systems so as becoming a more effective tool for usar teams and UCC during the whole duration of the operations, especially for the first phase (the so-called "Golden day") when the toll of victims can be reduced by a more rapid intervention and timely exchange of information between the UCC and the deployed teams.

"Prometheus" is free and available in Italian and in the 6 languages of the United Nations Organization:

  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian

Main features:

  • Managing multiple emergencies contemporarily
  • Subdivisions by levels of coordination
  • Managing teams'factsheet
  • Management of assessment and site assignment
  • sar operations management
  • Management of rescuer'sinjury
  • Integrated Geographic Information System
  • Cartography
  • Automatic notifications between coordination centre and teams using App and email
  • Personal account
  • Managing Missing People and Extricated Victims
  • Managing the logistical and operational needs of the teams
  • Dashboard - strategic, tactical, operational

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