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Amateur Fire Fighters' Sports Activities Recognized


One of the basic elements in the formation about operators of first aid is a correct physical training. The object is to prepare the Fire Fighters┐ Staff to ensure rescue in the worst conditions.
The concept of competence and efficiency for a Fire Fighter derived by the technological equipment and by the possession of specific mental and physical competences such as strength, endurance, speed, articular mobility, dexterity and self-control integrated by moral qualities such as courage, abnegation and spirit of sacrifice.
To obtain a qualified mental and physical balance, it is important to exalt the individual Fire Fighters competences, the training programmes cannot be always completed during the job due to the particularity of service performed by the staff as well as for the chronic lack of the staff itself.
This is the starting point for the diffusion, the incentive and the support of the sports activities within the Fire Fighters Groups, promoted and coordinated by the Sports Activities Office along all the National territory.
Through a corrected and motivated sport activity, the Fire Fighters Team keeps a correct physical efficiency, which provides an appropriate reaction to the rescue activity carried out daily.






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