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pubblicato il 23 novembre 2016  

ISA: Workshop "UAV & SAR: using drones in rescue operations"

The CNVVF (Italian National Fire Service) intends to organize in Rome, on March 29th, 2017 the “UAV & SAR: using drones in rescue operations” workshop, with the aim of depicting the state of the art in the specific field of the use of UAV in the wide world of rescue operations. The participation to the workshop is free.

Istituto Superiore Antincendi, Rome, via del commercio, 13

Call for abstracts

Persons interested in presenting their paper at the “UAV & SAR: using drones in rescue operations” either as oral or poster presentation, are kindly invited to submit a 400 words abstract.
If you have entered a valid email address you will receive a confirmation email confirming receipt of your submission.

The topics covered by the conference are the following:
UAV safety: regulation and practise
UAV security: legal issues and regulation needs
UAV security: technical needs
UAV security: counter UAV (C-UAV) technologies
Impact of UAV s range and load limits on operational use
Best practises in UAV  Search and Rescue
UAV support to CBRNe rescue operations
UAV as a source of operational data: the integration with control rooms systems
UAV in supporting forensic activities
Abstract should contain the following information:
Authors/AffiliationsSession titleName of Author submitting paper:Contact email.Languages:Abstracts and accepted papers: Italian or English. Presentation files, posters: English;Oral presentations:  Italian or English.
Meeting and abstract deadlines

2016 December 31st - Abstract submission
2017 January 20th - Acceptance/rejection announcement
2017 March 20th - Final workshop papers due

To contact the organizing Commeettee and to submit abstract:




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